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Every e-commerce stores needs updates and optimizations in its layout to increase the user experience and the average revenue per user

Here at Ampliee, we work focused on this; in addition to providing all the implementation support that the store needs, with corrections, improvements, tag implementations, usability and performance optimizations, we are always analyzing the best format to do them, to increase and improve the result in focus: increase sales and customer satisfaction.

We can help you with:

Store Audit

We analyze in detail all the opportunities and possibilities to increase the store's conversion rate, checking points of friction and correcting errors, understanding the customer, and determining which format and information are most relevant.

A/B Testing

All in-store changes should be tested unless they are bugs or clear improvements that will benefit customers. By testing the changes, you can be sure that the conversion rate is constantly increasing. We use Google Optimize and GA to implement the tests.

Speed Optimization

We analyze and implement the best practices for your store to reach the highest speed available on the platform and in the Core Web Vitals score.

Tags implementation (GTM, GA, GA4, Pixel and Conversion API)

We implement tags you need in your store to help track access, increase confidence in data and accurately analyze customer behavior with platform reports (GA, GA4, Pixel, and CAPI).

Theme customization

Implementation of the new layout you want to add to your store. It can be a minor tweak or an entirely new theme using Figma; we can do all sorts of implementation to reach the design and usability you want to display/present to your clients.

Theme support

Have any questions about what is possible to implement in your platform or which layout is better? We can help you with our theme support. In this service, we will provide continuous support and help with new implementations, bug fixing, platform questions, and best practices to implement, always looking to improve the user experience, usability, and excellent performance.

Check some sections we have created to use in Shopify...

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About us. We are an agency focused on conversion rate optimization, development, and theme customization for eCommerce stores. Having worked with more than 35 clients the past three years.


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